Our Process

  • Purchase process after achievement of funding target

    The property purchase process is probably one of the most burdensome steps to go through as a real estate investor - not to mention the property registration, payment fees and all the legal processes that a novice or pro-investor will have to deal with. With Baytuki, we save your precious time and give you nothing but peace of mind. You don't need to worry; we will deal with the entirety of the investment process once the property is fully funded because we understand that time is money

  • Investment management

    We understand how tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming managing a property can be; from finding tenants, and dealing with potential disputes with tenants, to property maintenance and late rent payments. To provide you with the best service and assist you on your journey as an investor, a select property management company will ensure taking this load off your back and manage the property efficiently. The Baytuki team will coordinate with the property managers, manage your investment portfolio, and provide you with all the legal documentation as well as updates on the property.

  • Portfolio management & returns

    We will manage the rental returns on your investment and handle dividend declaration and distribution according to your ownership percentage. Moreover, we are also in the exit process and manage the capital gains dividend declaration and distribution from the sale of the property.

Our Currently Available Properties